A warm welcome to our virtual hotel!

Use our room booking services to spend three relaxing days of digital holiday in the virtual Alpine region of Hotel Vue des Alpes.

the sundeck surrounded by a gorgeous digital landscape looking through a pine tree on the way up to the hotel entrance

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The fictitious Internet hotel «Vue des Alpes» is situated in the midst of a lovely computer generated Alpine landscape.
Established in 2001, the hotel offers the possibility to book a room for 3 days, which you can use personally for your digital holiday.
This service is completely free of charge.

one of the comfortable and elegant double rooms

The hotel features 9 comfortable double rooms for guests. Each room has a private bathroom and a balcony with a guaranteed view of the great digitally rendered mountain panorama. All rooms, as well as the dining hall and lounge on the ground floor, have been individually furnished with care in the style of a 60s Alpine hotel.

a picnic at the lakeshore is a most pleasant experience

The scenery surrounding the hotel has been developed and constructed since 2000 in 3D programs. It offers 20 km2 of idyllic Alpine landscape and sunny weather around a mountain lake at 1600 meters above sea level, with a wide network of hiking paths for your digital strolls.

Various amusements are set up exclusively for our room guests: Take a trip with the funicular to the Gleissenhorn glacier region at 2200 m, visit the Mango Bar & Discothèque in the basement floor, or have a pedal boat ride on the lake.


click here to check in

To access Vue des Alpes, click on the star button above.
The VDA player window will guide you to the hotel.

Hotel Vue des Alpes has 9 guest rooms, all facing the lakeside

The deal is straightforward: You can either have a look around as a visitor or walk up to the hotel reception to make a room reservation.
Go to the counter and click on the guestbook; the booking system will automatically suggest the next vacancy for you.

As a visitor, you can only see a small portion of Vue des Alpes; you need to login as a room guest with your key code to have access to all rooms and locations. Of course, only you can access your reserved room during the 3 days of your stay.

the Vue des Alpes region is a true paradise for the passionate hiker

Do you need a hiking map of the region? Click here to download.

Technical things: The VDA player performs best with a Chrome browser and you will need a good connection speed to enjoy the rich imagery.



Hotel Vue des Alpes is an art project by Swiss artist couple Studer / van den Berg

Since the start of the project in the year 2000, the activities of Vue des Alpes have taken place not only on the Internet, but also through a wide range of spatial and pictorial installations and presentations. These have been shown on many occasions in real space exhibitions at contemporary art spaces and institutions.

detail view from the hotel lounge

For all information about the project, including books and catalogues, prints for sale, our CV, and tons of other projects, please visit our website studervandenberg.ch.
If you want to visit Vue des Alpes as a professional writer, journalist, or curator, please contact us via email.

The development of the Web project has been financially supported by Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt (Basel City Arts Council)

feel at home and socialise in the elegant hotel lounge

All image and text material on this website and in the VDA player are © 2000ff, Studer / van den Berg.
Terms and conditions
Visitors and room guests are travelling to Vue des Alpes at their own risk. Missed holiday dates and lost key codes will not be compensated for in any form. You can read all the fine print on the backside of the hiking map.

The old website and player of Hotel Vue des Alpes from 2010 have been redesigned and rewritten in HTML 5 in April 2020.


logo of the Gleissenhorn cable car

The Gleissenhorn cable car has been constructed in 2002. It connects the lake of Vue des Alpes and the glacial region close to the Seltengrat ridge, at an elevation of 2218 meters.

a cabin arriving at the Gleissenhorn top station

For the hotel room guests, the small restaurant on the Seltengrat is a very popular destination for a day excursion. Solid footwear is recommended.

Hotel guests using the VDA player are given a free season ticket for unlimited rides during their stay. The cable car base station is situated only a few minutes walking distance from the hotel.

a panoramic view of the Gleisseonhorn region in the early morning mist

The top station has been newly built as an extension of an ancient guesthouse. From this point, visitors enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the highest elevation of the region, the Gleissenhorn peak (3012 m), and of the impressive Mesch glacier.